A Woman Who Recently Inspired Me #IWD2016

March 08, 2016

A Woman Who Recently Inspired Me #IWD2016

First of all, Happy International Women's Day! Today I not only took time to be thankful for all the amazing women who I get to have in my life daily as role models, but also the women who have influenced my drive, passion and creative mind with MPRINT. These women are not just other business women, but also new women I have had a chance to meet, like what happened this past weekend:

This past weekend I was out to dinner with my family and found myself in a conversation with a stranger as we waited for our table. As we got into conversation she asked what I did and about MPRINT Jewelry. I showed her my cuff bracelets and explained the significance of my Traveling Together cuff. As I finished my story I looked up to see her entire expression and demeanor change, she looked at me speechless. She then opened up her heart and explained to me that her daughter had just gotten home from a facility and was going on 40 days sober. She said I never have the strength to talk to anyone but my family about what is going on, yet I want to tell you our entire story and how strong she has been. I couldn't express more to her how happy I was to hear of her daughter seeking help, and how supportive she was. 

The power of one little cuff, not only the donation given when it's purchased, but something even bigger. Wearing it and then talking about what it stands for and hearing stories like this back is exactly the reason why we did it. Even if it had been different and she didn't feel comfortable telling me her story, she would've walked away knowing she wasn't alone. 

Women Empower Women ! 

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