Shared Stories.. Traveling Together

June 02, 2016

Shared Stories.. Traveling Together

Because it never gets old receiving an email, reading a note with an order or seeing a social media post about what someone's MPRINT Jewelry piece means to them, or to the person who received it. I had to share some of the most recent stories and messages with you to always remind us that in this crazy big world we really are all TRAVELING TOGETHER! Spread the love... 

"For our anniversary and a reminder of all our travels we have experienced together, and what's to come"

"For my buddy who's been sober for a few years. Saw that and thought it was perfect, so thank you!"

"Even though my closest group of friends and I are all living far apart.  The traveling together cuff was the best gift to remind us of our adventures, and to keep planning more." 

"My daughter just hit her 200 days milestone and this will be a perfect reminder she isn't doing it alone."


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