Close to Home GETAWAY

March 22, 2015

Close to Home GETAWAY

I look forward to March every year, because of how beautiful the weather is…obviously if you live in Maine like me you know that’s not true. March almost always means VACATION time to the beach, or anywhere that isn’t in single digit temperatures. This year that didn’t end up happening, but I can’t complain because I got engaged and that means time to save $$!

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to get on a plane. I believe going on an adventure to someplace you love or exploring a new spot is experiencing a form of travel.

I started getting stir-crazy come the first week in March, and knew I had to get out of town. I decided to mix in searching for potential wedding reception spots with planned time away, and made a trip of it…close to home in Edgecomb and Boothbay Harbor Maine.

Happy we made it to Sheepscot Harbour Village & Resort, and then obviously got tired holding everything I brought.

Rachel Roy Jacket & Mprint Jewelry Necklace

So we were away for one night…I’m working on my packing techniques.

FEED Wine Bag & Tote Bag, Bean Boots

A few favorites…

How amazing is this store name and sign - Rock Paper Scissors

I need a bar like this in my house – Tavern & Grill


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