Happy Holidays + Happy New Year !

December 13, 2015

Happy Holidays + Happy New Year !

Happy Holidays!

I’m so excited to finally start to share so much with you from this past (unforgettable) year. 2015 started off with a big high for Mprint as we had our second full collection launch - My Compass Rose. It was a fun collection for me as I pulled inspiration from our brand’s core - travel, but also my roots with the nautical vibe of Maine and encouraging, inspirational words that the symbols represented. 

As the year went on we planned to expand upon My Compass Rose, but as new pieces came to life we didn’t feel it was exactly right. We stayed passionate behind the collection throughout the summer and started being sold in some amazing new shops – JW Graham in Rhode Island, Wyler’s in Brunswick, Daytrip Society in Kennebunkport and The Maine Lobster in Bar Harbor to name a few. As the summer came to an end we not only were grateful for the great new stores, and all our wonderful customers, but also the excitement we had about the newest collection that was slowly coming to life.

We spent the end of the summer driving to and from Rhode Island, working with new model designers and independent craftsmen who brought our designs to life. We made the switch from originally working in a lead-free pewter to brass and then met with our plating company to continue to use the beautiful sterling silver and 14k gold finishes, but also add an extra even more durable clear coat to protect the pieces. Each meeting was a new adventure, and watching each sketch and thought come to life was a beautiful fulfilling process. A process that is 100% done in New England, something we are extremely proud of. 

Talking with my family, customers and fashion influencers, all while doing research to be able to present the collection to you, and also a great cause close to my life has been one of Mprint’s biggest journey’s yet. The plan was to bring you the newest collection this Christmas, but apparently planning a wedding in November wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and I wanted the presentation and collection to be absolutely perfect. So…. please keep watching for us in 2016, as we hope you will continue to be apart of Mprint’s adventure and share the love!

Stay tuned, and as you patiently wait for the New Year with us, enjoy the few pieces we have left of My Compass Rose Collection with great discounts and free holiday shipping! 

Sincerely xxEm

P.S. If you want to join us for our launch event next month please send an email to em@mprintjewelry.com with your name and address.

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