About Mprint


“I chose Mprint for many reasons, I see myself trying to make my mark or imprint wherever life takes me. I hope my pieces will make a mark on each person who wears them, and signify a special moment or memory in their life." – Em Robertson

One could easily say Em Robertson’s love of jewelry is hereditary, stemming from her fashion buyer mother, jewelry enthusiast Great Aunt Mildred and world traveler father.  Dressing up in her mother’s upcoming styles, digging through countless old jewelry boxes, intricate coin collections and admiring the women of her family, Emily has always had an eye for vintage, timeless treasures.

After graduating from business school with a marketing degree Em knew she wasn’t done. She left her small coastal home in Maine for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Throughout her studies she interned with top fashion houses Bebe and Macy’s Inc. She rose within the industry first as a jewelry assistant merchant with Bebe then continuing on at a prestigious celebrity media relations firm, Look Los Angeles. Em was privileged to work with some of the industry’s finest stylist from American Idol and True Blood, and celebrities Olivia Munn, Maria Menunous and Audrina Patridge.  She was constantly working with top brands and influencers gaining an appreciation of what the industry was missing. Em then began a new adventure north of the border to Canada in 2011, where she continued in the industry with Canadian jeweler Hillberg & Berk. Em managed the flagship store, styled look book photo shoots and runway shows and handled the company’s public relation efforts.

Every place Em has gone she has carried her family heirlooms with her, interchanging lockets with new chains, and refurbishing old pieces to be on trend with the season. Each piece she wears tells a story, or holds a date in time for a family member that she feels connected to. This has led to her first ‘travel’ collection.


Mprint is a combination of a few names and a word that came together while Em was designing the first collection. 

M. Em always knew that somehow M was going to be in the name, whether she was going to call the brand just M, or to add in other letters that signified family names. That was until she realized M could stand for everything. 

Her Great Aunt Mildred: first real reason she became invested in jewelry and felt a connection to the pieces she was wearing. 

Her Grandmother Margaret: Em's number one fan and beautiful influence in her life. 

Her Mother: The inspiration and backbone for her. 

Her home-state and where she now designs and assembles the line: Maine 

and EM, herself

print. One day Em sat down and wrote every word that came to her mind, words she lived by, felt connected to, described how she felt and whatever popped into her head. Then she looked down and saw the one that stood out the most to her, IMPRINT. She always says she wants to make a mark wherever she is or with whatever she is doing, and coincidentally she was already making imprints of her father’s coins for her first collection. It just made sense to include it somehow in the name.. which led to dropping the i in imprint, and using...Mprint.