Jewelry Care

Handle all of your Mprint jewelry pieces with care.  All pieces are plated with 18K gold or Sterling Silver and then coated with a special clear coat for protection.  

However, certain metals and plating can tarnish over time. Minimize exposure to moisture, dry off your piece if it gets wet.  Also tarnishing can happen when exposed to chemicals, such as chlorine, salt water, hair spray, perfume, lotions, etc. Put your jewelry on after you use these products. Avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower, when sleeping and when exercising.  After wearing your pieces always store in a jewelry box or air tight container. 

To Clean: Do not use polishing cloths or other cleaning agents such as pastes or jewelry cleaners on silver-plated items. They can scratch the piece or cause more harm. In a small bowl mix 1 tsp mild liquid dish soap with lukewarm water, using a soft cloth gently scrub your piece while it is submerged in the water. Do not clean the piece for longer than 10 minutes, rinse and dry immediately with a lint-free cloth.