We all have a life story, MPRINT created the traveling together and adventure pieces to remind you to take that leap of faith, go on that adventure, remember that trip you had with your best friend, help get you through a hard bump in the road, and to remind you that no matter what you're never traveling alone. Send us your adventure and/or story to help someone who needs hope, inspiration or love and that reminder we are all TRAVELING TOGETHER! Click Here to Share Now.
  • "When I thought everything that could go wrong had and then something else bad happened. I wanted to give up. Then life has a funny way of turning around just when you need it to, I got a new job and couldn't be happier." -K.T., January 25, 2016
  • "Embrace the Detours: I knew I couldn't find love until I found myself again. I took the time I needed to focus on me and rebuild my mind and heart, then love found me" - E.S., January 26, 2016
  • "I do feel alone but I will wear this cuff to remind me I'm not." -anonymous, February 2016